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November 25, 2023


If you are a small or medium sized business you are probably dealing a wide number of software. Notably, when it comes to Marketing or Sales, you may find yourself managing several Ads platforms, CRMs or databases. This leads to two major problems: the need to monitor your performance data in one single hub and easily control your SaaS  spending. Marketers, especially those in marketing agencies, are constantly seeking ways to automate processes and enhance data reporting accuracy. This is where Dokin, a cutting-edge no-code solution, steps in, offering a robust platform for data integration. In a strategic alliance, Dokin has partnered with NachoNacho, the go-to solution for SMBs managing their SaaS spending. This article explores the synergies between Dokin and NachoNacho, shedding light on how this partnership is revolutionizing the way SMBs handle data and subscriptions.

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The vision of Dokin

When my co-founder Virginie and I were working at a tech scaleup we witnessed first hand the issue of harmonising data between different platforms. The growing number of SaaS used at SMBS makes it difficult to manage data in a unique hub. Every time we had to build dashboards or reports, we had to rely on inputs coming from marketing teams, sales teams and operations. This meant extracting spreadsheets from each platform, consolidating them and working with complex formulas. And anytime an adjustment was happening in one of those sources, we had to start over again.

With Dokin we are building a single tool to manage the flow of information from various sources and create a unified and comprehensive view. Based on our experiences we know that it is important to build a tool that is rightly-sized for SMBs, allowing them to access a comprehensive amount of data sources while remaining budget friendly.

This process is particularly important with regards to measuring go-to-market initiatives. The goal is to facilitate efficient reporting and analysis of marketing initiatives across several platforms, empowering SMBs to make data-driven decisions with precision.

Use case: Marketing Agency Tools

Within SMBs, Digital marketing agencies rely on a myriad of tools to execute their strategies. From customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Hubspot or Salesforce to analytics platforms such as Google Analytics or Search Console and advertising tools like Google or LinkedIn Ads, the toolset is diverse. Effectively integrating data from these tools is key to creating a cohesive and insightful narrative for marketing efforts and automating client reporting.

Data Integration Tool

Enter Dokin – a versatile data integration tool designed with the specific needs of marketers and revenue operations in mind. Dokin acts as a bridge, connecting external software to Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs without the need for coding. It basically automates the work that a specialised data team would do for you. With customizable templates and pre-built data integrations with a range of tools including Hubspot, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Airtable, Search Console, Notion, Jira, Trello, and more, Dokin stands out as a comprehensive solution for Marketing and RevOps teams seeking efficiency in data processes.

Dokin's Role in Streamlining Data Reporting:

Customizable Templates and Built-in Data Integrations

Dokin takes data reporting for digital marketing agencies to the next level by offering customizable templates that adapt to the unique needs of each team. This flexibility ensures that reports are not only comprehensive but also tailored to specific campaigns, channels, or client requirements. The built-in data integrations with an extensive list of tools—ranging from social media and advertising platforms to project management and analytics—mean that data can be effortlessly pulled into Dokin for a holistic view of marketing performance.

Time-Saving Efficiency

Efficiency is at the core of Dokin's design. For digital marketing agencies, time is of the essence, and Dokin recognizes this. By automating the process of connecting data from external software, Dokin significantly reduces the time spent on manual data entry and consolidation. Marketers can reallocate their time and energy towards strategic planning, optimization, and delivering impactful campaigns.

Error Reduction for Reliable Insights

Inaccurate data can lead to misguided decisions, impacting the success of marketing campaigns. Dokin's emphasis on data accuracy is a game-changer. The automation not only accelerates the reporting process but also minimizes the risk of human error. This commitment to precision ensures that the insights derived from Dokin are reliable, empowering marketing agencies to make informed decisions based on a foundation of trustworthy data.

NachoNacho: Managing SaaS Subscriptions with Ease:

When we first spoke with NachoNacho, we knew we shared a common vision: helping SMBs make sense of all their software and data. While Dokin helps them by integrating data from several sources, NachoNacho helps them by managing their spend for each software.

At SMBs, keeping a healthy track of spending becomes a hurdle that they can easily struggle to manage. NachoNacho offers a unique platform to track SaaS subscription, monitor spending and gain rewards every time you purchase a new software subscription.

With NachoNacho you have a single platform to manage, discover and save and all your SaaS subscriptions.

Creating Virtual Credit Cards for Cashback

NachoNacho offers a simplified solution for SMBs juggling multiple SaaS subscriptions. One standout feature is the ability to create virtual credit cards. This not only adds a layer of security but also unlocks an exciting benefit—cashback for every software purchase. NachoNacho transforms the often overlooked task of subscription management into a rewarding experience for small and medium businesses.

The Partnership: Dokin on NachoNacho

The collaboration between Dokin and NachoNacho is where the magic truly happens for businesses looking to optimize both their data integration and subscription management processes. By purchasing a Dokin plan on NachoNacho, users unlock an exclusive 30% cashback on their other software purchases. This not only makes Dokin a cost-effective solution but also encourages businesses to explore the expansive ecosystem of SaaS tools available through NachoNacho.

Mutual Benefits for Efficient Operations

The collaboration between Dokin and NachoNacho is rooted in the shared commitment to simplifying SMBs operations. For marketers leveraging Dokin's data integration capabilities, the partnership with NachoNacho adds another layer of convenience. It's not just about managing subscriptions; it's about an easy one-stop-shop where expenses are managed effortlessly. Every virtual credit card is attached to a subscription and can be

Exclusive Cashback Offer

One of the standout benefits of this partnership is the exclusive 30% cashback offer for users purchasing a Dokin plan through NachoNacho. This incentive not only makes Dokin an attractive choice for data integration but also positions NachoNacho as a valuable platform for businesses looking to maximize the return on their software investments.


As a Small business, you need easy to implement and budget friendly solutions to track data and manage your spending. The partnership between Dokin and NachoNacho was designed exactly for that. Dokin stands as a beacon for marketing agencies and marketing teams, offering a no-code solution that streamlines data reporting and brings efficiency to the forefront. When coupled with NachoNacho's innovative approach to SaaS subscription management, businesses not only optimize their operations but also unlock exclusive rewards.

Ready to optimize your data and business operations? Explore Dokin and NachoNacho today and experience the power of our synergy in action.

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Jacopo Proietti

Co-founder @Dokin
Jacopo, a co-founder of Dokin, boasts 8 years in finance, having worked as a finance manager at Ogury and head of Financial Planning and Control at BlaBlaCar.
His passion for data integration led to the creation of Dokin, a game-changer for modern business teams. With customizable templates and built-in data connections, Dokin allows modern CMOs and CFOs to streamlines data reporting across Google Workspace applications.

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