Privacy Policy

Last Updated - Jan 31st, 2024

Dokin SAS (“Dokin”, “we”, “our”) acting as data controller, is committed to protecting and respecting privacy for its customers ("Customer", "You") and each user ("User").

This notice (the “Privacy Policy”) is designed to tell you about our practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information that you may provide via our website, or on the Google Workspace add-on and wep app located at, (the “Product”).

We need to collect, process, and store some Personal Data and Navigational Information in order to provide you with the ability to use the Product and subscribe to it, make online payments, and submit support and feature requests for our consideration.

​We never sell Personal Data and we carry out all processing operations in strict compliance with  ​applicable​ global privacy and data protection laws.

The Policy has a direct reference to the Terms of Use and applies to it. It also explains how Site visitors, Product users, and Customers can exercise their rights to know, obtain, access, erase, use, delete, or rectify their Personal Data that was of their own free will submitted to us.

When you subscribe to the Product, use the Product, leave support requests or perform an online payment, you give consent and fully agree to the Policy under which Dokin collects, processes, uses, stores, and discloses Personal Data. If you do not agree with the points stated in this Policy, you should not subscribe to any of the Product’s Subscription plans, use the Product, perform an online payment, submit support requests and product ideas, or perform other activities, which may result in supplying us with your Personal Data and Navigational Information.

1. Product User, Customer, and Site Visitor Data

1.1. Personal Data, You Provide

When you register or subscribe to the Product, use the Product, leave support requests or make an online payment, Dokin may collect, process, and store the following data: your name, email, your bank card details, and your billing address.

1.2. Data We Collect Automatically

We may automatically collect certain information from your use of the Product, such as usage data, preferences, or any other information concerning how you use the Product.

We may also gather from your device type, IP address, the browser you are using, OS (operating system), time of your visit, your online activity at the Site including the URL clickstream through the Site, the pages you visited, the time you spent viewing them, and the frequency of your visits. We gather this data automatically through commonly used data-gathering technologies, like cookies in order to understand how Customers, Users, and Site visitors browse the Site and use the Product. This data helps us manage the Site and the Product, analyze general online behavior and usage trends, and provide targeted advertisements.

When you browse the Site or use the Product, we may collect Personal Data and Navigational Information along with unique User IDs. In addition, we aggregate extra data that refers to the User’s flow, such as the start and the end of a web session, page views, purchases and checkout. We may associate this data with the information we store within the analytics software to Personal Data that you submitted to us. We do this to enhance our Product and Site content and user experience, as well as use this data to improve the Product functionality, our marketing communication, and analytics.

1.3. Sign-in Authentication

You install our Product using the sign-in authentication system. When you use sign-in authentication, we may receive access to your full name and email address. This data is stored by us in compliance with the Privacy Policy.

Depending on the sign-in authentication method you use, the sign-in authentication system may also let you know that by installing the Product you will be asked to allow the Product to perform different actions, and grant specific permissions. ​​These permissions are solely used for the operation of the Product and are limited to the services offered. The Service will only request access to a specific scope when it is necessary for the proper functioning of the Product.

2. Types of Information Collected

2.1. Personal Data

Under ‘Personal Data’ we understand any data that may allow us to identify you such as your first and last name, phone number, your email address, company name, your billing address, your IP address, as well as any other information that refers to you or your workplace (business). We also collect the User ID that is assigned to your browser, and the Customer ID that is associated with the use of the Product and your Dokin account.

2.2. Navigational Information

'Navigational Information' refers to your use of the Product’s app and browser versions , browser type, IP address, referral source, OS (operating system), geographical location, length of visit and pages viewed, as well as the general Product usage statistics.

Dokin uses cookies and similar technologies. You can find out more by visiting our Cookie Policy.

2.3. Product Data

When you integrate a new data source with our Product by creating a new connection, Dokin takes steps to collect and securely store the credentials required for both the source and destination accounts involved in the connection process.

These credentials include API Keys, OAuth tokens, and any other necessary authentication details to enable seamless data transmission to and from third-party systems via our Product. We encrypt this sensitive information within our infrastructure to protect its integrity and confidentiality, ensuring it is kept out of reach from the front-end environment.

Dokin does not retain the data transferred via your Connections. Instead, the data is directly written to your designated spreadsheets or documents, eliminating our need to store it and thus preventing any potential unintended backups.

However, to facilitate effective data management and enable efficient updating or refreshing of your data, we do store certain metadata related to your queries. This metadata consists of the tables you have chosen, field names, any filters applied, and sorting criteria, which helps maintain your data's privacy and security without hindering functionality.

Upon deleting a Connection through the Product's interface, Dokin ensures the prompt removal of the associated queries from our database. Similarly, revoking access to a Connector leads to its immediate removal from our database, along with the revocation of access on the third-party side, whenever applicable, through an available endpoint.

3. Use of the Information We Collect

3.1. Compliance with this Privacy Policy

Dokin uses the data it collects only in compliance and according to this Privacy Policy. Therefore, Product users should carefully read this Privacy Policy and other agreements published before proceeding with subscribing to or using the Product.

3.2. We Never Sell Personal Data

Dokin does not, and will not, sell Personal Data.

3.3. How We Use the Information We Collect

We use the Personal Data we collect from our Product users to:

  • Enable smooth functioning of our Product, allowing Customers and Users load data from third-party systems (Data Sources) to other systems, Data Destinations (for example, Google Sheets )
  • Enhance Product’s services
  • Manage the Product security and system administration
  • Create accounts and provide information to a PCI-compliant service provider for payment processing
  • Respond to customer support and other Product-related requests
  •  Communicate with the Product users, inform them about important product- and company-related updates
  •  Contact the carefully-selected Product users to inform about other Dokin products and services that we think may be of interest to them
  •  Distribute other personalized marketing information
  •  Hold surveys, send out questionnaires that help us understand our customer requirements and expectations from the Product, support or any other services that we provide
  •  Put together and analyze the statistic data of the Product usage
  •  Conduct an investigation of unauthorized access and use of Product, fraud, breach and other illegitimate actions

3.4. Use of Navigational Information

We use Navigational Information to operate and improve the Ste and the Product. We may also use Navigational Information alone or in combination with Personal Data to provide you with a personalized experience while using Dokin Product or navigating the Site.

3.5. Use of Bank Card Information

When you subscribe to the Application, you shall be requested to share your bank card numbers and billing information. Please be aware that Dokin does not store any payment details of yours. You will be requested to enter your bank card numbers and billing details on the infrastructure of payment providers. The data transfers comply with the highest security standards and protocols, in particular SSL and TLS. Once your payment details are transferred, the payment providers process your billing data in accordance with their privacy policies and security guidelines. Dokin does not process your billing details upon transmission to the payment providers.  

3.6. Service Providers

Dokin may employ other organizations and persons ("Agents”) to perform tasks or provide services to Product Users and may need to share your Personal Data or Navigational Information with them to provide information, Products, and services to you. These tasks and services may include marketing and support activities, analyzing different types of data, providing auditing, security, development, and testing, as well as advisory and legal services. In all the cases when Dokin shares your information with such Agents , we will request for the Agent to accept and strictly observe our Privacy Policy.

3.7. Data Security

Dokin applies different security technologies, guidelines and procedures to ensure complete security, as well as full confidentiality of the Personal Data you provide. We also take measures to avoid unauthorized access to personal data and electronic communication systems.  

Dokin applies an encrypted JSON Web Token mechanism to verify access to a Product account and identify a User, providing a secure environment for all authorized Users to use the Product.

For any questions that relate to the security of your Personal Data, please email us at privacy@dokin.

3.8. Data Retention

Your Personal Data will be archived after the following retention periods:

  • 5 years after your last use of our Platform, if you did not close your account;
  • 1 month after the closing of your account

However, the financial data (e.g. payments, reimbursements, etc.) is stored for the duration required by applicable tax and accounting laws (for example, the accounting documents are stored for up to 10 years). We may archive some of your Personal Data for a period that will not exceed five (5) years in order to comply with our legal obligations and to manage potential disputes.

3.9. Links and Third-Party Sites

The Dokin Site includes links to third-party sites. These sites may offer certain services to end-users. Dokin does not take any responsibility for their content, services, administrators, practices and policies, and does not endorse them. Dokin also does not bear any responsibility for the privacy of information that you submit on these resources, since this Privacy Policy does not apply to them. We recommend you to familiarize with the Privacy Policy and other legal documents before submitting or sharing any Personal Data with them.

3.10. International Transfer of Information

To perform our operations, we may transfer and access Personal Data from around the world, including the United States, the EU, and other countries. While transferring the data, we take the necessary measures to safeguard the activity in general, and the data subjects in particular to ensure an appropriate level of protection for their fundamental rights. The Privacy Policy shall apply even if Personal Data is transferred or accessed from other countries.

3.11. Compelled Disclosure

Dokin reserves the right to disclose personal data to public authorities in accordance with a legal liability to perform their duties, such as customs and tax authorities, financial investigation units, judicial administration and other parties if the EU or the Dokin's representative member state law allows to exercise such disclosure in the public interest, including protection of your and other people's safety.

4. Permissions for Access to Third-Party Accounts

Our Service may require access to specific permissions within your third-party accounts, notably when you create new connections to data sources, to function optimally. These permissions are strictly for operational use within the scope of our product's offerings. We ensure that access is only requested to the necessary extent required for the seamless functionality of our product.

The access level our Service obtains mirrors your own permissions within these third-party accounts. This means, for example, if you do not have permission to edit a specific document or dataset in any of these platforms, our Service will similarly be restricted from performing such actions.

We emphasize your ability to revoke our Service's permissions at any time. This can be done through the security settings of the respective third-party account, or by revoking the access directly within the Product interface, allowing you full control over the privacy and security of your data across platforms.

5. Data Subject Rights

If you are our Product’s User or Customer, you have the following rights:

  • You are entitled to receive a copy of your personal data that is in our possession (your right of data access).
  • You may request the deletion of personal data or the correction of inaccurate personal data (your right to erasure and rectification). Please note that we may keep certain information concerning you, as required by law, or when we have a legal basis to do so. 
  • You have the right to object at any time (i) to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, or (ii) other processing of your personal data based on our legitimate interest (your right to object to processing).
  • You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data (your right to restriction of processing). Please note that this only applies if (i) you contested the accuracy of your personal data and we are verifying the accuracy of the personal data, (ii) you exercised your right to object and we are still considering, as foreseen by the applicable law, whether the legitimate reasons we are pursuing prevail over yours; or (iii) your personal data has been processed by us in an unlawful way and you request a restriction on their processing rather than erasure; or (iv) we no longer need the personal data for the purposes of processing, but they are still necessary for you to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.
  • You have the right to data portability, i.e. the right to receive the Personal Data you have provided us with, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and the right to transmit this data to another controller (your right to data portability).
  • You also have the right to make a complaint to the relevant data protection supervisory authority or to seek a remedy through the courts if you believe that your rights have been breached.
  • To exercise your rights, please contact the Group Data Protection Officer using the contact details provided in section 7 below.

You may also opt-out from our marketing communication by pressing the 'unsubscribe' link, which is located at the bottom of our email, or sending your unsubscribe request at You cannot unsubscribe from our transactional emailing and other information which refers to your Dokin Product account.

6. Sub-processors

Dokin uses third-party sub-processors that are authorized to process the Product user and customer data, and help us deliver the Product functionality, as well as the accompanying support services in full.

7. General Clauses

7.1 Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to review and make amendments to this Policy. When the changes are made, we will update the Privacy Policy and amend the 'Last modified' date, which is indicated in the top left corner of this Policy, to the day when the latest amendments were made.

7.2 Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or if you have any requests relating to your Personal Data, you can contact us via email to our Data Protection Officer under