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Looking for a Sheetgo alternative?

If you use Sheetgo for standard automations limited to Google Sheets, then it may be a strong option.
However, if you are looking to connect data between Google Sheets, Google Slides & Google Docs, definitely read on.

The data platform of modern business teams

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Looked for this a long time!

We mainly use it to connect analytics and search console. It was a game changer for us. It improves our reporting capacities and finally allows us to manage large parts of our business from google sheets.
On top, their support is incredible.

Christian P.

Marketing director, BCN travels
A must-have!

The Dokin team has been incredibly responsive to my questions and is always ready to hop on for a support call. Our team saves a ton of time creating and cross-checking documents and slides with Dokin.

Peter P.

Ops Associate, TechGC
Dokin has been a game changer for us.

We set up Dokin to function as a real-time dashboard for our clients, providing them with up-to-date data. This has not only increased our efficiency but also allowed us to provide a better service to our clients, keeping them informed in real time.

Abdulla Y.

Marketing Consultant
It's like it knows exactly what we need.

This little gem has managed to revolutionize our work by putting all our important data in one place. It's like having a tidy desk, but for decision-making and productivity. And the cherry on top? Their customer service is seriously top-notch.

John H.

Manager, Clarkstudios

Plug & play connector

Stop struggling to get the right data in Google Sheets.

Schedule automatic data syncs and receive alerts when data is updated.

No complex formulas, no coding required.

With Dokin you can sync data from more than 15 apps, including Notion, HubSpot, Airtable and more.


2-way Sync

Automatically bulk export data from Google Sheets to your data sources with Dokin writeback feature.

Edit or add records to your directly from Sheets!

Currently available for HubSpot CRM, Trello, and Retable.


Monitor and manage data

No more struggling to share data between teams.
With Dokin you create exportable ranges and share them between Sheets, Slides and Docs.

Share only data you need, schedule automatic refreshes and get alerts.

Easy workflow automation for your team.


Automate Slides and Docs

With Dokin you don’t need to worry about manually updating your Google Slides or Google Docs every time your data changes.

Mail merge documents or create dynamic content that updates when source data changes.

Your documents and your presentations are always synced to up-to date data.


What is similar to Sheetgo?


For Google Workspace users searching for a robust Sheetgo alternative, Dokin is the way to go.
Dokin features a more comprehensive solution, delivering more functionalities and benefits than Sheetgo which are not only limited to Google Sheets, but extended to Google Slides and Docs, making it easy for users to Analyze and Present Real-time data.

How do I install Dokin?


1. Click the “Try for free!” button in the site header. You will be redirected to an install page.
2. Click “Install Add-on”
3. Open a new or existing spreadsheet and click on the Extensions tab> Dokin > Start.

For a step by step guide, check how to install Dokin

Is there a free version of Sheetgo?


Both Sheetgo and Dokin offer a free plan as well as a free trial period. While Sheetgo's free trial only lasts 7 days, Dokin offers  a 15-day free trial. At the end of this free trial, users can choose whether to convert to a paying plan or downgrade to a free plan, a solution for users with limited needs.

What is included in your Free plan?


The Free plan allows you to experiment our real-time data connections data.
You’ll experience the following limitations on the Free plan:
- Each run will be limited to 500 rows.
- You will be limited to 5 runs per month
- You will only have manual refreshes (no automated data refreshes).
- You will have Dokin branding on documents created via our Mail Merge

What is a run?


A run is an import or a refresh of data connection. As example, an import of data from HubSpot is a run, a refresh is another and so on.
You will benefit of 500 runs/month with Premium, 3.000 runs/month per team with our Team Plan, 10.000 runs/month for Business clients and unlimited runs if you are an Enterprise client.

How secure is my data?


The security of our customers’ data is our top priority. That’s why we’ve built our product with robust security requirements. In addition to offering advanced security features, Dokin adheres to all the security protocols of Google. Visit our Privacy policy page to learn more.

How do I get started with Dokin?


You can get started on Dokin for free! We offer a 15-day free trial of our Business Plan for all our new users. After the 15 day period you can choose to upgrade or downgrade to our Free plan.

Ready to get started? Try for free!

I want to subscribe to a paying plan. How do I do that?


We’re so happy to hear that! We are looking forward to seeing what you can achieve with Dokin.

1. Head over to the Dokin add-on.
2. On the bottom right, click on Upgrade. You will be redirected to our upgrade page, to choose the plan that better suits you. Alternatively go to the top right of your Dokin add-on: Settings> Account > Upgrade or Manage Subscription.

Still have questions? Check the help center or email us at
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