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October 5, 2022

500 billion documents, spreadsheets and presentations full of data aggregated from various sources are created every year. The creation of these external-sourced data-based documents, templates that are often reused, is still a large burden for many to manage. Decks, memos, reports and paperwork are produced and regenerated regularly. 

It is 2022 and there is no easy way to automatically update the content of a document whenever a data source changes. This leads to mistakes,  waste of time on manual input and employee frustration.

This frustration is highly visible in those functions that declare to spend up to 50% of their time on such tasks. Some researches show that more than half of in-house legal teams report symptoms linked to burn out. The percentage increases even further in HR (98%) or accounting (99%) !

Current technologies  haven’t solved the problem yet. We believe there is an opportunity to serve greater use cases, a need for quick to implement and affordable software, and a need for solutions working seamlessly within your Google Workspace.

Enter Dokin

Dokin is a no-code solution, acting as a superpower in your Google Workspace. 

Our powerful Google add-on allows the automatic creation of Docs and Slides from your Google Sheets data, so that you can keep your recurring documents always up to date!

Tired of wasting countless hours updating weekly reports? Dokin is ready to help. Are your contracts, engagements and agreements full of manual errors? Dokin can help. Proposals taking too much of your time? Dokin can help save you time. 

We take the pain out of documents and give you back time to focus on what matters.

We have noticed that when it comes to documents, people tend to struggle with three key issues, we’ve created Dokin to help solve these:

1. Manual data  entry is frustrating

Entering data manually is time-consuming and often leads to typos or mistakes. While administrative work is often part of most jobs, no matter your level, smart people should not have to waste time on small error prone tasks. Employees deserve to win their time back to focus on what really matters - prepping for that sales pitch or finalizing an end of year financial analysis.  Dokin brings automation and error reduction to your proposals, contracts, and more, so you can focus on the bigger stuff.

2. Data is ever-changing

How frustrating do you find finalizing documents when your data continuously evolves or is updated until the last minute? New data leads to new manual input, which leads to new versions. Version control becomes tedious, it is time consuming and can lead to mistakes. With Dokin you can update your document data with just a click and you can always be sure you are using the right version of your data.

3. Audiences change constantly 

Creating new contracts or proposals for a pitch  is too often a matter of repurposing old versions, changing data and adapting it to different audiences. While adapting materials to a new audience is critical to drive business forward, continuous adaptation and updates take time away from more urgent and important tasks. 

Dokin takes care of that.  We make workflow automation easy and accessible for everyone. We help smart people get rid of unnecessary workflow burdens.

Our Story

Dokin was founded by two former BlaBlaCar employees (Virginie & Jacopo), an Ecole 42-trained developer (Martin) and the first employee of iPaidThat (Ludovic).

When working in the finance and tax teams at BlaBlaCar we faced the issue of creating a large amount of documents on a regular basis. 

During the Covid-19 crisis, reporting needs grew and we saw how time-consuming it was to create and update documents on a regular basis  instead of focusing on other business critical needs.

We sought external solutions to help, but all existing solutions were either too time-consuming to implement, too complicated or too expensive. 

At the beginning of 2022, after yet another intense due diligence project, we decided it was time to create our own solution. A tool that could be accessible to anyone, easy to implement and embedded within the Google Workspace.

To help realize this dream, we onboarded Martin, CTO, passionate about automation and who had already worked on implementing similar projects. Martin graduated from Ecole 42 and has worked for different companies, big and small. 

Our team was completed by Ludovic, CPO, passionate about SaaS and who had worked at iPaidThat as their n.1 employee in business development before redirecting his passion  to  coding.

We are on a mission to free smart people from repetitive and time consuming tasks and help them achieve greater things.

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