How to Manage Your Hybrid Team Effectively in 2023

January 19, 2023


Ever since remote work became a thing, the world has been split into two very distinct factions: those who love it and those who hate it. Here at Dokin, we think that hybrid setups are the best option to keep a high level of productivity and a fun team spirit. The hybrid approach to work is here to stay and managing hybrid teams in 2023 is a necessity for many businesses. Hybrid setups, which include both remote and in-office workers, offer a wealth of potential - from greater flexibility to increased collaboration across different parts of the world. But how do you make sure your hybrid team is effective and productive in 2023? Here are some tips to help you manage your hybrid team in the best way possible.

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1. Make Daily Time for an Informal Catch-Up

With hybrid teams spread across different locations, it's important to make time for informal, social catch-ups. This might mean scheduling daily video meetings, or simply having an informal chat over instant messaging. This allows the team to stay connected, exchange ideas, and build relationships. A 15 minute catch up a day keeps the doctor away.

2. Utilize Asynchronous Communication

In 2023, asynchronous communication - or communication that doesn't require an immediate response - will be key for hybrid teams. Leverage email and instant messaging like SLack or Teams to allow team members to respond when they have the time, rather than expecting an immediate response. This is of course more complicated in matter of urgency. So make clear to your team the deadlines and priorities with each new requirement. 

3. Objective-Led Management

Good management of hybrid teams in 2023 will involve having clear objectives and goals. Make sure each team member knows what they need to accomplish and how their work contributes to the team's success. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

4. Have Fun and Stay Informed

Make sure you keep the team's morale up by having fun and staying informed. Encourage team members to share interesting articles, news, and videos. Keep time for real-life meetings and use team-building activities to break up the monotony and get everyone involved.

Hybrid work is a great opportunity for both employees and companies. While 2023 announces to be a challenging year, hybrid work doesn't have to be difficult. By having daily catch-ups, utilizing asynchronous communication, setting clear objectives, and having fun, you can ensure that your hybrid team is productive and effective - no matter where its members are located.

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Jacopo Proietti

Co-founder @Dokin
Jacopo, a co-founder of Dokin, boasts 8 years in finance, having worked as a finance manager at Ogury and head of Financial Planning and Control at BlaBlaCar.
His passion for data integration led to the creation of Dokin, a game-changer for modern business teams. With customizable templates and built-in data connections, Dokin allows modern CMOs and CFOs to streamlines data reporting across Google Workspace applications.

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