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March 28, 2024

CRM data - the elephant in the room of any Sales and Marketing meeting. If just thinking about all that data to comprehend makes you nervous, well I can relate. You could be thinking of millions of ways to make sense of your Salesforce numbers, but sometimes the solution is hiding in plain sight - in this case it could be third-party tools that could be integrated with Salesforce. Not only do these tools are a helpful addition to Salesforce, they also facilitate a flow of process, data and more across various functions.

But how do you go about choosing? It’s not an AI model, that the next tool would be predicted upon two taps on your keyboard. It should be a careful selection based on your team’s specific needs. Whether if it’s communication, improving automation or going after robust analytics- softwares, Salesforce allows you to integrate with a multitude of integrative tools. But how do you choose the right tool for you? Well, this is exactly what I am going to tell you in this blog.

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Dokin is a data connector for Google Sheets and Looker.

With Dokin you sync live Salesforce, Marketing and SQL data and automate your reports and dashboards.

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Salesforce integrations bridge separate systems, allowing for a flow of data and processes. Such integrations often lead to improved customer interactions, elevated productivity, and a comprehensive view of sales and marketing operations. And who doesn’t want that.

With the correct integration Salesforce offers, teams can access sophisticated automation, deep analytics, and marketing prowess—all within a unified environment.

Before tapping into the vast reservoir of Salesforce integrations, it's crucial to outline your team's specific needs. The goal is to find a spot where cost-effectiveness meets operational excellence. Whether it's email marketing software integrating with Salesforce or a teams Salesforce integration to maintain communication, understanding your workflow requirements is the first step towards a tailored solution.

Here is comprehensive list to choose from : 

As promised, I am here to guide you on what tool to integrate your Salesforce with for specific functionality. Starting right with the most important implementation for a bunch of teams; 

Data Flows with No-Code Automation

With no-code data automation tools like Dokin and Zapier, Salesforce integrates with external apps through user-friendly interfaces. These tools enable staff with little to no technical expertise to automate workflows efficiently, cutting down on repetitive tasks and focusing on high-value activities.

Analytics and Reporting

Sync data between Sheets and Salesforce with Dokin

Ever wondered what’s the most used feature in Salesforce? (or any software ever?): drum rollsIt’s extract to spreadsheets! Yes, we have great and complex software for sales and marketing, but we can’t do much with their data because they do not communicate with other tools and are not flexible. Dokin solves this problem. It connects all your systems to Sheets, Looker and Slides and allows you to build reports with data from channels, CRMs and databases. Dokin’s integration with Salesforce, is a great way to connect your Salesforce data to Google sheet in a few clicks. It lets you automate your data syncs, amp up your pipeline analytics, and also track all your leads in one place. Dokin lets your Sales & Marketing do that with so much ease and added layer of filters so that they don’t spend hours looking at irrelevant information, but only data that would be important to track for your business. 

Data Visualization

Tools like Google BigQuery allows for an enterprise-level analysis of large datasets, making it an invaluable tool for volume-intense businesses. Additionally, Microsoft Power BI or Looker Studio improve the reporting output with their interactive visualization capabilities, enhancing the strategic decision-making process. However, how do you make sure to integrate Salesforce data into such tools? ETL data connectors like Dokin can help. With Dokin you can connect your systems to Looker (ex Google Data Studio) and build dashboards that are powered by live data from all your sources.

Once you have integrated this data, you can make custom Lead Generation Dashboards, that could help you visualize those numbers efficiently and make valuable business decisions based on them.

Email Marketing Automation 

Considering email remains a core marketing channel, having robust email marketing software that integrates with Salesforce is non-negotiable. Mailchimp's Salesforce integration automates campaigns and provides insightful analytics, making it a must-have for email marketers.

Data Storage Solutions

Dropbox's integration creates a streamlined file-sharing experience within Salesforce, providing easy access to documents and media without leaving the CRM ecosystem.

Communication within Teams

Communication is the backbone of any organization, and Salesforce has risen to the occasion with integration options like Slack and Calendly. The team's Salesforce integration with communication apps promotes effortless collaboration and scheduling, ensuring no lead falls through the cracks due to miscommunication.

Project Management Enhancements

The integration with Salesforce stands out as a project management revolution, aligning tasks, communications, and deliverables with sales and marketing goals all in one screen.

Improving Account Management

DocuSign’s integration enables faster deal closures with its electronic signature functionality. It is a paradigm of the Salesforce marketing integrations that are changing the face of modern commerce.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales is certainly one of the most important functions to benefit from Salesforce integrations. Imagine having the ability to track all your marketing efforts and what sales it is ringing in, sounds about greatly beneficial. I agree. With the Hubspot or Marketo integration into Salesforce you get this and much more. It helps you in nurturing leads through its extensive marketing suite, while there is also Marketo integration offers advanced lead management and scoring.

You can keep a close look at all your Marketing KPI’s and metrics that are crucial to look out for and also make decisions based on what the numbers are saying and always be headed in the right direction.

Helpdesk Operations

Zendesk's Salesforce integration is a huge benefactor for customer service excellence, aligning support tickets with customer data for more personalized service. So if your customer experience team needs a lot of improvement in terms of what OKR’s to go after, having it integrated with your Salesforce can really come handy.

Gathering Valuable Customer Feedback

Typeform allows you to collect feedback through aesthetically pleasing and interactive surveys, which, when integrated with Salesforce, can directly influence marketing strategies and product development.

Other Salesforce Integrations

As the number of Salesforce integrations continues to grow, certain standout options have captured attention thanks to their outstanding capabilities.

  • Pendo shines in delivering user experience insights, harnessing analytics that can fine-tune product design and customer strategies.

  • Gong and Chorus are on top of the list for in-call analytics, offering advanced conversational intelligence that can enhance sales effectiveness and improve customer relationships.

  • Amplitude masters product usage tracking, furnishing sales teams with valuable data to supercharge their sales pitch and overall strategy.

Making Salesforce Your Own

What truly sets Salesforce apart is its capability to adapt to your business needs. Integrating specific applications to customize your Salesforce ecosystem creates an environment tailored precisely to your operational requirements.

For instance, Juro's Salesforce integration is renowned for streamlining contract management, expediting communication, and time-to-value through its smart contract capabilities.

The Marketo Salesforce integration emerges as another strong contender for businesses seeking seamless marketing automation, bridging the gap between marketing efforts and sales results.

Low-Cost Salesforce Integrations

Budget constraints should not hinder your business from tapping into the powers of social media. There are ample low-cost social media management tools that integrate with Salesforce, delivering robust functionality without breaking the bank.

These alternatives provide a balanced blend of affordability and features, offering comprehensive social media capabilities that synchronize seamlessly with your Salesforce CRM.

Pick Your Power Tools

The best Salesforce integration for your business is one that aligns with your strategy, scales with growth and elevates your team's productivity. Whether that’s a powerful email marketing software that integrates with Salesforce, a communication enabler like the Teams Salesforce integration – the selection should augment your Salesforce capabilities and enrich the customer experience.

With such a diverse ecosystem, businesses can supplement Salesforce's core offerings with specific functionalities, all in pursuit of blazing their sales and marketing trails. Look closely at your workflow, understand your team's needs, and choose wisely, as the right integration could be the catalyst for new heights of operational success.

You got this!

Yes, you heard it right. With all these possibilities for integration I am sure, you have now made sense of what could work best for you business and as I said before, third-party tools are just a means to enhance your current tool stack and give you better more solid results or understanding of all your efforts - whether it be marketing, customer experience, or sales. While you are at it, figuring out which tool you’d integrate with, do remember if it is data - we at Dokin always got your back. Our seamless integration of Salesforce to Google Sheets could help you with better and easier visualisation of your data in one place. We can set up any custom integrations, configure automated data flows and build self-updating dashboards your team needs

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Jacopo Proietti

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Jacopo, a co-founder of Dokin, boasts 8 years in finance, having worked as a finance manager at Ogury and head of Financial Planning and Control at BlaBlaCar.
His passion for data integration led to the creation of Dokin, a game-changer for modern business teams. With customizable templates and built-in data connections, Dokin allows modern CMOs and CFOs to streamlines data reporting across Google Workspace applications.

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