The best Portant alternative on Google Workspace

Unlock more customization for your documents.
Switch to Dokin.

Looking for a Portant alternative?

If you use Portant for generic Mail Merge, then it may be a good option.
However, if you are looking for a stronger solution to connect data between Google Sheets, Google Slides & Google Docs, definitely read on.
We have designed this page to help you make a clear and simple decision and explore insights into why to switch to Dokin.

Spreadsheet-based automation
Data Merge and Mail Merge
Airtable integration
HubSpot integration
Link specific Sheets cells to Slides or Docs text
Use Sheets formulas in Slides & Docs Content
Approve or reject teammates edits on a spreadsheet
Starting price of premium

Build insightful reports in seconds

Trusted by 2.500+ users


Merge data from spreadsheets and external software

Stop struggling to get the right data in Google Sheets. No complex formulas, no coding required.

With Dokin you can easily import data from external software and merge tabs and ranges of data from different spreadsheets.


Connect Data across Google Workspace

With Dokin you don’t need to worry about manually updating your Google Slides or Google Docs every time your data changes. Your documents and your presentations are always synced to your spreadsheets.

Reduce errors and frustration in your document creation thanks to Dokin
Adapt your documents to multiple audiences thanks to Dokin

Adapt documents to your audience

Stop wasting time adapting versions of your documents to different recipients and stakeholders. Dokin takes care of that. Easy workflow automation for your board packs and investor reports.


Easy to Use and Learn

With Dokin, no need to learn a new software or master a coding language. It works on top of the tools you are familiar with.
No need to go through long and complex sales process.
Try it for free now!

Setup powerful automations in just a few clicks directly in your Google Workspace thanks to Dokin
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