Make files work for you!

Dokin saves you from hours spent on creating and updating files so that you get back time to focus on work that really matters.

I need to work late to update the weekly reports again. I’m tired 😩

No way!! Listen, try Dokin. I am sure you'll forget about that problem!

OMG!! Thanks 🔥
Why haven't I tried it earlier?

Automate data syncs

Sync data from various sources into your Google Workspace applications.

Schedule automatic data refreshes and receive data alerts when data is updated.

Sync data from more than 15 apps, including Notion, HubSpot, Airtable and more.

Automate Slides and Docs

With Dokin you can always be sure that your data is up-to-date, homogenous and reliable across your documents.

Mail merge documents or create dynamic content that updates when source data changes.

Your documents and your presentations are always synced to up-to date data.

Sync data from business apps

Dokin allows you to sync data from your business apps like CRM or Financial software to your Google Sheets as well as merge tabs and ranges of data from other spreadsheets.

2-way sync

Edit or add records to your data sources directly from Google Sheets.

Transform your dashboards in data powerhouses with live and dynamic data.

Manage Sheets data ranges across documents

With Dokin you can create exportable ranges.

Use them to share only part of your spreadsheets to other teams and to approve or reject their edits.

Connect ranges to content in Slides and Docs and have documents up to date whenever data changes.

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