Make files work for you!

Dokin saves you from hours spent on creating and updating files so that you get back time to focus on work that really matters.

I need to work late to update the weekly reports again. I’m tired 😩

No way!! Listen, try Dokin. I am sure you'll forget about that problem!

OMG!! Thanks 🔥
Why haven't I tried it earlier?

Pull data in one click and Connect your Slides and Documents to your Google Sheets database

Pull data in one click

Dokin lets you merge and connect data from various sources into your Google Workspace and update all your documents content in just a click.

Save time and improve reliability

With Dokin you can always be sure that your data is up-to-date, homogenous and reliable across your documents.

Dokin lets you easily automate your slides and documents content

Connect data from external sources

Dokin allows you to connect data from your CRM or Financial software to your Google Sheets as well as merge tabs and ranges of data from other spreadsheets.

Remove Manual entry and reduce mistakes thanks to Dokin

Remove manual data entry

Dokin allows you to connect parts of text in your Google Slides & Docs with specific cells, ranges and databases in Google Sheets.
With Dokin you can automatically update your document content so that you avoid manual entry and mistakes.

Easily merge data from your Google Sheets to create multiple Google Slides and Google docs in one click

Create multiple documents in one click.

With Dokin you can simply create multiple presentations or documents starting from a Google Sheets database.
Save time in document creation so you can focus on what really matters.


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