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Analyze and present real-time data with Dokin.
Scale operations and improve team efficiency.

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A must-have for Retable users

Sync live data between Retable and Sheets, Slides & Docs.
Automate Slides presentations and Docs reports from your Retable data.
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Looked for this a long time!

We mainly use it to connect analytics and search console. It was a game changer for us. It improves our reporting capacities and finally allows us to manage large parts of our business from google sheets.
On top, their support is incredible.

Christian P.

Marketing director, BCN travels
A must-have!

The Dokin team has been incredibly responsive to my questions and is always ready to hop on for a support call. Our team saves a ton of time creating and cross-checking documents and slides with Dokin.

Peter P.

Ops Associate, TechGC
Dokin has been a game changer for us.

We set up Dokin to function as a real-time dashboard for our clients, providing them with up-to-date data. This has not only increased our efficiency but also allowed us to provide a better service to our clients, keeping them informed in real time.

Abdulla Y.

Marketing Consultant
It's like it knows exactly what we need.

This little gem has managed to revolutionize our work by putting all our important data in one place. It's like having a tidy desk, but for decision-making and productivity. And the cherry on top? Their customer service is seriously top-notch.

John H.

Manager, Clarkstudios

Sync data from your tables in just a click

Sync Retable data in Sheets. No complex formulas, no coding required.

With Dokin you can easily import your tables and reuse them across Sheets, Slides and Docs.


Sync Retable Data in Slides and Docs

With Dokin you don’t need to worry about manually updating your Google Slides or Google Docs every time your data changes.

Your documents and presentations are always synced to live data.

Reduce errors and frustration in your document creation thanks to Dokin
Adapt your documents to multiple audiences thanks to Dokin

Automate documents

Stop wasting time creating documents for different recipients and stakeholders.

Dokin takes care of that.
Mail merge and create multiple documents from your Retables bases.

Easy workflow automation for your documents.


Easy and Secure

With Dokin, no need to learn a new software or master a coding language. It works on top of the tools you are familiar with.
It's secure: data is never stored by Dokin.

Try it for free now!

Setup powerful automations in just a few clicks directly in your Google Workspace thanks to Dokin


Import live data in seconds

Refresh data content in a click



Data is never saved or stored by Dokin

Secure connection through Google credentials



Share data across teams with a single license

Import different sizes of data in just a click

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