Easy reporting automation

Dokin helps Finance and RevOps Teams connect and manage data across all their processing steps. From their data stack to Google Sheets, all the way to their Google Slides & Google Docs.


Superpowers to your spreadsheets

We know how much you rely on your spreadsheets and their data.

Dokin gives superpowers to your sheets, you can turn merge and connect data from other spreadsheets as well as yout CRM or Financial Software. You can then easily connect such data across your presentations and reporting documents.


Get data in one click

No more reason to stress about reporting and changing data. With Dokin you can simply update data across your documents with one click.

Dokin deals with the boring stuff so that you can focus on analysing those reporting numbers!

Connect variable data from your Google Sheets and automatically update it across all your Google Slides presentations thanks to Dokin
Setup powerful automations in just a few clicks directly in your Google Workspace thanks to Dokin

Powerful automations.
Easy setup.

No more reason to worry about complicated and expensive software setup.

Dokin allows you to build powerful automations in a matter of seconds, all within your Google Workspace.


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