Boost Your Finance Team's Efficiency with These Google Workspace Add-ons

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April 10, 2023


We all know it, Google Workspace is a great tool to work as a team. It’s an all-in-one productivity suite that provides powerful tools for teams to collaborate and streamline their work. If you work in finance, you’re surely already caught in the middle of the Excel vs Sheets debate (everyone has their own preference and ideas on this). Here at Dokin we are surely biased somehow, but we feel it is undeniable that Google Workspace is the most accessible when it comes down to teamwork and collaboration. As a finance leader, you also know how crucial it is to have accurate data and efficient workflows. Google Workspace offers a range of add-ons that can help finance teams work smarter, not harder. In this article, we will try and explore some of the best Google Workspace add-ons for finance teams, including Dokin, which can help streamline your workflow and save you time.

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Dokin helps finance teams streamline reporting by syncing live data from company systems into Google Sheets, Slides and Docs.

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Smartsheet is a project management and collaboration tool that integrates with Google Workspace. It allows finance teams to manage projects, track deadlines, and collaborate on tasks in real-time. Smartsheet also provides reporting and analytics tools to help finance teams visualize their data and gain insights into projects. With Smartsheet, finance teams can streamline their workflows and ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Asana is a project management tool that helps teams organize and manage their tasks. Asana integrates with Google Workspace, making it easy for finance teams to collaborate on tasks and projects. Asana's boards and lists make it easy to track tasks and deadlines, and its reporting and analytics tools provide insights into team productivity. Finance teams can use Asana to manage budgets, track expenses, and keep track of invoices.


Trello is a go-to project management tool that uses a visual board to help teams track tasks and projects. Trello integrates with Google Workspace, making it easy for finance teams to manage their projects and collaborate on tasks. Trello's boards, lists, and cards make it easy to organize tasks and keep track of deadlines. Finance teams can use Trello to manage budgets, track expenses, and keep track of invoices.


DocuSign is an electronic signature tool that helps finance teams streamline their document signing process. With DocuSign, finance teams can easily sign and send documents from anywhere, on any device. DocuSign integrates with Google Workspace, allowing users to send documents directly from Gmail and Google Drive. Finance teams can use DocuSign to sign contracts, agreements, and invoices, which can help reduce the time it takes to complete paperwork.


Dokin is a no-code solution that automates the process of connecting data from external software to Google Workspace applications, allowing finance teams to seamlessly integrate their data across Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs. With Dokin, finance teams can create automated workflows that help them save time and reduce errors (see how). 

Dokin simplifies the process of integrating external data with Google Workspace applications, allowing finance teams to create customized templates and automate reporting. With built-in data integrations, Dokin makes it easy to pull in data from external sources like CRM systems, ERPs, and more. By automating data integration and reporting, Dokin can help finance teams spend less time on tedious tasks and focus on more critical projects.

There are plenty of ways to boost your finance teams Google Workspace offers a range of powerful add-ons that can help finance teams work smarter and more efficiently. With Dokin, you can benefit from a go-to solution to manage your data across your Google Workspace, save time and reduce errors. 

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Jacopo Proietti

Co-founder @Dokin
Jacopo, a co-founder of Dokin, boasts 8 years in finance, having worked as a finance manager at Ogury and head of Financial Planning and Control at BlaBlaCar.
His passion for data integration led to the creation of Dokin, a game-changer for modern business teams. With customizable templates and built-in data connections, Dokin allows modern CMOs and CFOs to streamlines data reporting across Google Workspace applications.

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